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Saw blade Hot Rod
Our saw blade for channel cuts, 3, 6 or 9 mm deep – for marble and granite (at present, maximum 6 mm at marble). If you use our HOT ROD together with our electrical circular saw AWS-225, you will cut these channels in one pass – wet or dry…

Contour blade CCB
From now on, sink holes can by cut by hand!!! Diamond segments on the convex side of the steel core widen the kerf, which provides the extra clearance that makes curved cutting operations easier…

The ultimate saw blade (dry) for professional tilers. Granite, marble, porcelain, engineered stone and glazed ceramic tiles can be cut easily…

Eclipse II
Our versatile saw blade for concrete, brick, tiles and many more – Dry use…

Our saw blade Porcellana is our No. 1 among our wet saw blades and has been especially made for tile experts. Diamond grains and matrix has been made in a way that even compact porcelain tiles and slabs can be cut at optimum speed and at minimal chipping danger

Numero Uno
Ideal for tilers and masons – Numero Uno, the wet saw blade for the sawing of hard materials such as granite and all hard natural stone tiles…

Our first-class tile blades for the cutting of ceramic tiles (wet use; dry use possible)…

The ultimate saw blade (dry cut) for granite, marble, engineered stone and other hard materials. Chip-free cutting and longer life…

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Do you wish to install seamless kitchen countertops and unproblematically remove scratches on natural or engineered stones?
– We’ve got the solution for you!

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Our Blade Sharpener – professional diamond abrasive for the grinding and polishing of ice-skating blades (ice speed skating).

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You wish to work natural stone contour in dry? – We have the perfect solution for you.


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