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The Turboshine segments provide the best results for not only granites and engineered stone/quartz surfaces, but also for the most difficult marbles such as green and black. In addition, the system works great on crystallized glass and concrete slabs.

Diamond grinding wheels for the grinding of small, straight surfaces and edges. Use on hand-operated machines or radial arm polishers. Available in diameters 80, 100 and 110 mm (~3"), 4" and 4.33".

SD-100, SD-200
Dry grinding wheels with lamella design for the use on hand-operated machines (ideal speed range 9000 rpm). You can get two different versions: SD-100 (17% diamond share) or SD-200 (50% diamond share). High stock removal!

Dia Ceramica
Our well-tried flexible ones for the grinding of convex or concave granite work pieces. From the rough grinding stage up to the mirror gloss - you will find all grits required at our company. Diameters from 80 to 125 mm.

Dia Ceramica EX
Flexible diamond grinding disks (dia. 100 mm/4") for the working of engineered stone without burn marks.

Dia Ceramica R2
Our alternative to the original Dia Ceramica. For the grinding of stone contours. Use on hand-operated machines. Diameter 80 or 100 mm.

Cup wheels BA-5
Cup wheels for the quick, rough deburring and milling of granites (dry grinding; wet grinding possible). Deliverable diameter 100 mm.

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Do you wish to install seamless kitchen countertops and unproblematically remove scratches on natural or engineered stones?
– We’ve got the solution for you!

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Our Blade Sharpener – professional diamond abrasive for the grinding and polishing of ice-skating blades (ice speed skating).

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You wish to work natural stone contour in dry? – We have the perfect solution for you.


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